Discord Minesweeper

Discord Minesweeper is a Perl script I wrote that builds on one of my previous projects, WebService::Discord::Webhook. It generates Minesweeper boards and posts them to a Discord channel. Each square contains a bomb, number, or blank space, made using the Emoji images. Using Discord’s “spoiler” tag (wrapping text in double pipes, ||like this||), the squares can be individually uncovered, thus making a playable game without even leaving chat.

The code is available on GitHub here: https://github.com/greg-kennedy/Discord-Minesweeper

I ran this script for a few months, posting one board a night, but users eventually got sick of it and deleted the webhook… well, perhaps there are other games that could be done this way? I think a Blackjack simulation would work: you are dealt some face-up cards, optionally some more (covered) to flip, and once you’re finished you can reveal the dealer’s hand to see who won.

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