This is a website owned by me, Greg Kennedy.  I love projects and hacks, and I’ve worked on a few things over the years that I think are worth sharing with the Internet.  I already have a LiveJournal and Facebook for personal updates.  This site is specifically for “project use only”, and is geared towards presentation of howtos, hints, and useful info.

Use the Pages section at the top to see pages dedicated to some of my software and hardware projects.  The blog section is for updates, tips, and small entries.

On the right side, you can find links to my various projects which are too involving to be hosted locally.  These will take you away from the main nwserver page.

One thought on “About

  1. Colin

    Hi Greg,
    I have an Artpad 2 a pen pal and an baboo. All serial if you want them?
    I tried adding a Serial to USB converter to the artpad 2 but no luck on linux yet.


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