NaNoGenMo 2019: “Starship Trader Monthly” Magazine

Front cover of Starship Trader Monthly

For NaNoGenMo 2019, I produced this catalog of starships and space vehicles. The entire text is available on the Internet Archive here:

It only barely qualifies as a “novel”, as it’s more of a generative art piece. The text is created through custom templating using some selections from dariusk “corpora” project, and the images are rendered using POV-Ray 3.7.

Source code for the project is available here:
I highly recommend visiting the Github link, even if you aren’t interested in the code itself. The README has a full write-up on how it all works, and the challenges encountered in creating project.

Magazine, page 20

I’d like to do a print of this and get a physical copy, but I have not priced it out to see if that’s at all affordable. It would be cool on a coffee table though.

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