Smoke Help (for OSX)

This is a tool to help people quit smoking. My wife gave me the idea, I just wrote it.


Start the program up and put it into Learn Mode. Every time you have a cigarette, hit the “SMOKE” button. This trains the program, over the course of 100 cigarettes, your (natural) average time between cigarettes.

Then put it into Coach Mode. At this point the program will begin telling you when it’s time to smoke again, using an alarm. Don’t smoke until instructed to do so, and then hit the button when you do. The program starts by alarming at the learned rate, but extends the interval each cigarette. Eventually your rate will slow down to the point where quitting is natural.

At least, in theory. My wife quit without my help so I wasn’t ever able to test it.

This is the sort of thing that would be super-ideal as a mobile app. I don’t have time nor inclination to set that up, but I’d love to see it. So, this is now public domain software. (Included font isn’t though).

Smoke Help OSX Binary – .zip – 2.45 MB
Smoke Help source code – .tar.gz – 227kb

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