Take a number, you've got 1708. Since number 1 has been waiting in line since Feb. 28, 2002... you may be here a while.
So, you want a new internet comic?
What's wrong with the old one? Humor too intelligent for you? Fan base not mindlessly loyal enough? The artist of your former favorite decided that "quality" might be better than "quantity"?
If so... look no further!
The Nickel Arcade website is here for you!
First, there are some historical Nickel Arcade comics available for your viewing pleasure here. (all are done by Brent Smith. Low quality ensured by my scanner.)
Oh, so the older comics aren't enough (in quantity) for you?
Exhausted the four available comics? Ph33r not! At least... uh... let's see... six years by 365 days... and four comics... well, anyway, a lot more possible comics exist at the...


That's right, you can now see Nickel Arcade cartoons compiled in the archives over the past six...ty years. In publication for the past seven years, usually upwards of four comics a day or more are created. Complete with witty statements and character personalities. Only for use on computers with at least 800x600 resolution. Designed for whatever browser I am using.

Other stuff:

Duke it out on the Boards! Nickel Arcade message boards are provided free of charge and free of registration. Try not to take too much advantage of them.
There's also a Guestbook, which you can Sign or Read.

Here's a couple other comics that I feel are deserving of links. Thus, I will link to them.
1. If your resolution isn't ungodly small, you can see Hsu and Chan.
2. If you're too stubborn to lower the resolution for the previous website, visit PvP.
It looks like there are some Nickel Arcade parodies out there. Why are so many comics based on this general idea?
1. Better than Penny Arcade.
2. Funny Arcade
3. And by popular demand, Penny Arcade. Why people can be so obsessed with a porn site arcade machine museum is beyond me.
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