Green robot

Max BotMint

Blaseball Betting Reminder


Max BotMint is a Discord helper that posts messages into Kansas City Breath Mints chat, five minutes before the start of each game. It helpfully interrupts conversation to remind fans to get their bets in quick before the next game starts!

Max is fun but it could be even MORE fun with crowdsourcing. That's where you come in! Submit something you'd like Max to say - a message, a link to an image, whatever - and after approval it will go into the pool. A random message will be picked each time and posted to chat.


Use this form to submit your own requests!

Some tips: keep your messages reasonably short, light, and make sure they actually remind about the betting. It's a reminder service, not a funny broadcast platform! If you put image links in, they should be static (not animated GIF) and preferably wide rather than tall.

If you're out of ideas, you can alsa try viewing the list of approved messages for inspiration.


Max BotMint is run by user MOS Technology 6502 #3359 on Discord - ping him if you need help with anything.

Here is the link to the admin page, but you can't use it :)

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