VAntAGE Arcade Emulator

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VAntAGE is an arcade emulator for DOS originally developed by Brian Lewis. It's a fantastic piece of software which can run many games at 100% speed on ancient 486 or better machines, but development stopped in late 2001 (with the exception of a few new drivers added in a development push in 2004).

Finding uses for obsolete computers - and keeping them out of landfills - is one of my hobbies. VAntAGE-based arcade cabinets is a great way to kick useless machines back to life. The software had some DPMI crashes in some cases, and while setting up to recompile to fix bugs I thought I would see if any new features were worth adding. A few drivers for games added and here we are.

The latest version is 1.13p1. Check the Downloads section below to get a copy. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

What's New since 1.12



A development roadmap has been added to track features. It has a separate page here.


These builds are highly optimized for a specific architecture, and may not work correctly (or at all) if used on a different one. Please choose the ZIP file which matches your processor.

Need more (i386, Pentium + MMX, AMD K-6, ???) Contact me.

VAntAGE requires the CWSDPMI DOS memory extender. Get the latest version (r7 at time of writing) here: - simply unzip CWSDPMI.EXE into the VAntAGE directory.

Got crashes with certain games? Try running "CWSDPMI -x" before starting VAntAGE. If that fixes your issue, add "cwsdpmi -p -x" to your autoexec.bat and reboot.

Other downloads of interest:



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