Greg Kennedy 2012


Studying Chess on a mobile e-reader seems like a natural fit. But finding chess books that really take advantage of the format is a difficult task. PGN readers would handily solve the problem, allowing visual game review on-the-go... but there are none available (unless you count Adrian Petrescu's KindleChess kindlet, which is sadly crippled by a lacking PGN parser and also requires one to jailbreak their Kindle).

pgn2ebook is an online tool which can convert standard PGN files to a series of chessboard images, preserving annotations and reformatting into a correct eBook - one which can be directly loaded to a mobile device and read as a regular book.

PGN is the de facto standard for recording and sharing chess games online. There are thousands of databases of games available on the web. The canonical example pgn (from the specification) is available here.

Process PGN

Book Name
Board Size
Piece Style
Game Separator Pages
Output Format
Show move lists
Show FEN strings

Tips: if you are rendering a set of annotated PGNs, use the defaults above. For puzzles in PGN format, uncheck "Show Movelist" and set Game Separator Pages to "Game Number Only" or "None".