pbl2mid - Greg Kennedy 2011

Last updated 5/16/2012: added support for "version 1" pbl files (?)

This is beta software... hope it helps!

Music Write Plus was released by Voyetra sometime in around 1997. Though it had a similar look and feel as the rest of the Music Write family, under the hood it was probably quite different. For example, the proprietary ".pbl" files it produced were not readable by any other program, including the Music Write upgrades. There is no demo for MWP either. In short, if you used MWP back in the day and saved your sheet music as .pbl files, you may find yourself SOL when trying to get back your data.

Until now, that is. I found a cache of .pbl files on my computer and whipped up a Perl script that can "sort of, maybe, hopefully" get back at least some of the important info from your files. It was considerably useful so I am offering it online for free as a web-based converter. Simply post a file in the box below, and you will be served with a crapton of debug output. If all goes well, there will be a download link for a MIDI file, too!

Supported thus far: notes (Which are... well, hopefully correct, but everything is in C major and the alto clef is busted)... lyrics(!), title/copyright/contributor/etc, BPM, midi instrument, rests. In progress: time signature, volume changes. Not supported: key signatures, accidentals, ties, whatever other nonsense Voyetra stuffed in this file format.

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Download pbl2mid.pl here! BSD 2-clause licensed.

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