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Please choose a hammer song to hear:

Original Hammer Dance
Super Mario Bros. Theme
F-Zero X: Mute City
Lemmings Music
Smash Bros: Kirby Stage
Gameboy Tetris: A-Type
Super Mario World: Level 2
Mike Tyson's Punchout Music
FFVII: Fiddle de Chocobo
City Connection: Level 1
FFVII: Boss Theme
Earthworm Jim: Andy Asteroids
Blastcorps: Simian Acres
EVO: Boss Theme
Bomberman 2: Multiplayer Theme
Zelda 64: Gerudo Valley
Mega Man 1: Elecman Theme
Mega Man 2: Crashman Theme
Mario Kart 64: Battle Theme
StarFox: Corneria Stage Theme
The Hammer Dance Remix
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