Diego Rivera - The Alarm Clock

Wake Me!

The trouble with alarm clocks is that they play the same annoying buzz every morning. As Dostoyevsky said, "Man is a creature that can get used to anything," which is unfortunate when you must depend on a device that startles you awake every day.

Clock radios solve this by providing something different each morning. But that's boring! Why trust a random DJ with your morning selections? Instead, I've decided to take industry buzzwords to dangerous new heights by crowdsourcing my alarm clock.

Choose an audio file (browse), then hit upload, and it will play at 7 AM central time on my speakers. Audio files must

Today's alarm is/was: 1448025998_37.61.152.217.ogg

Tomorrow's alarm will be: 1589923298_174.57.149.82.ogg

There are currently 14 scheduled alarms.

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